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Does my lot need to be level?


No, the ground only needs to be some what level  to make sure that the installation is the best it can be. We do have 1'-2' of adjustment in case the lot is un-level.


What is used to level my storage building?


We will furnish concrete cap blocks to level the building with. 


How long does it take before my storage building will be delivered?


Our delivery time runs 10-14 business days depending on the weather. Our delivery driver will contact you 24hrs in advance to setup a delivery time. 


What materials are used to construct your storage buildings?


4x6 Treated Skids

2x6 Floor Joist

3/4" Tongue & grove flooring

All 40 yr Metal

Pressure Treated Pine Paneling on our wood buildings with a 3 year water sealer. 


Will you deliver outside of Alabama?


We currently do not offer delivery outside of Alabama


How does your Rent-To-Own work?


*Rent-To-Own contracts are for 48 months, with the monthly rate depending on the unit you select. The price paid per square foot of storage space is competitive with self-storage or mini storage rates. With No Credit Required.


*You pay your security deposit and one month payment up front, which is based on the model you select. Then the unit is delivered to your home or business, and installed exactly where you want it. The location you select must be accessible at all times by a truck and trailer for delivery and during your Rental Contract. The payments are due on the first of every month, beginning on the following first from your delivery date


*After 48 on-time payments, you will own your unit. In the event that payments become delinquent, your building will be subject to repossession.


*There is no credit required!


*As long as your account is current, you have the option to purchase the building rather than continuing to rent it.  This is a one-time, lump sum purchase of the building. You can call Watson Management, Inc. for the cash purchase amount.








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